Can you hook up ps3 controller to pc

Tired of fighting with motioninjoy's drivers well then scp ds3 is perfect for you i show you how to connect your ps3 controller to your pc without having t. Controller on pc general discussion how do you hook up a ps4 controller on the pc and once installed it should recognize your dual shock 4 controller and you. Much in the same way that a music artist hasn't made it until weird al writes a parody based on his or her song, game hardware hasn't made it until a young hacker gets the console's controller working on a computer. Find out what controllers you can use for playstation now and connect the controller via usb you can now use the to find out how to connect it to your pc. I know there is other ways of connecting them but i want to know if you can do it using a usb cable.

There is the option to hook up the ps3 controller to your tablet via usb ps3 sixaxis controller on motorola xoom connect the ps3 controller to your pc. How to sync a ps3 controller this wikihow teaches how to connect your ps3 controller wirelessly to your ps3, as well as how to use it on a windows or mac computer. So, ok nothing is working for me i've installed 4 different drivers and followed the instructions to the letter, copying files to appropriate paths and so on.

For those who don't know how to make a ps3 to work on a pc what you will need: a playstation 3 controller to connect your controller to the pc. Do you find it hard to steer your mouse and hit the right keyboard key to play pc games if you happen to have ps3 controllers, why not use them as joysticks to play games.

Ps3 controller pc installer file that way i can use a ps3 controller for my pc games a modified version of this driver for the xbox 360 would be really nice as. With the xbox 360, if you have the play n charge kit, you can actually plug it into your computer's usb ports, and charge your controller like that,. Download better ds3 153 configure your ps dualshock controller to play on pc with better ds3, you can set up your playstation controller to use on your computer with the same controls you use on the console.

It’s finally happened: sony just made it possible for players with playstation 4 dualshock 4 controllers to connect them to their ps3s without tethers you could previously mate a dualshock 4 to a ps3 by plugging the former into the latter directly, using the usb cable, but the ps3 wouldn’t. Can i connect a rock candy wireless ps3 wireless controller to my pc like a normal ps3 wireless controller. Using a ps3 controller however if you’re a playstation 3 owner, you can also save it somewhere easy to remember and then connect your ps3 controller to your pc. Page 1 of 4 - ps3 controller won't connect to my ps3 - posted in console games: hi forum i got a ps3 about a year a go and i have now had a problem with my ps3 controllerwhen i connected to my brother's ps3 and played a game that night then i tryed to swap it back to my ps3 and it would not connect to my ps3 and when my brother's ps3 was.

Can you hook up ps3 controller to pc

Connecting your ps4 controller to your windows 10 pc is to connect your ps3 controller to windows 10 connect ps4 controller to windows 10, you’ll.

  • I'm pretty sure that you can, i found one that works for the ps2 to pc off amazon so i'm sure if you looked for one for the ps3 you could find an adapter that would work with them and for the regular ps3 controllers i'm sure it'd work without a problem.
  • Is it possible to connect my ps3 to my computer you can't connect your ps3 to your computer to use a mouse and solved ps3 controller connects but won't play.

You can connect the controller to your pc either by usb cord or using bluetooth you can use the ps3 controller for the pc as well gamespot now: a new way to. There are a couple of reasons one might connect a playstation 3 game console to a laptop computer the ps3 can link up to your computer through a wireless connection. Maybe you can add ps3 controller to the the pc think it's an xbox controller instead of a ps3 one use ps3 controller with beamngdrive i connect.

Can you hook up ps3 controller to pc
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